Canal 44: The work begins!

Canal 44: The work begins!
新闻 08/02/2023

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After a successful commercial launch and a great development dynamic, the work on the Canal 44 project has begun. This is good news for the future residents and the neighborhood, who will see their neighborhood transformed. 

Canal 44 is a large-scale project that will redefine the neighborhood by inviting its residents to live in symbiosis in a new era, halfway between history, modernity and respect for the planet. Developed by Immobel, one of Europe's leading real estate developers, Canal 44 has been well received by both investors and first-time buyers. From studios to 4-bedroom apartments, all have been snapped up. Only four apartments are still available.
Why should you buy one of the last four apartments?
Like a city within a city, Canal 44 invites its residents to live in symbiosis in a new era halfway between history, modernity and respect for the planet. In keeping with the collective memory, the residences are pragmatic and promise an alchemy between nature and the home. 

Respectful of the exceptional natural setting in which they are privileged to be located, the residences rise from the first floor to four floors. From studios to 4-bedroom penthouses, the apartments are designed in an iconic Art Deco style. They impose a precious progressiveness that is incredibly free, creative and limitless. An exquisite originality that Canal 44 is eager to reappropriate for an interior that is not afraid of extreme chic. High ecological ambitions are combined with easy access to all amenities and eco-responsible transportation. 
Why should you live in Esch-Sur-Alzette?
Esch-Sur-Alzette is a combination of a historical heritage and the future vision of a city in full expansion, much more than a border or transit city, Esch-Sur-Alzette is a city of influence where the European heart beats. Eurocorridor, rich in heart and land, the European capital of culture in the making never ceases to impress its neighbors. At the beginning of the century, it invested in its ecological transition, according to the international urban planning competition for the decontamination of its steelworks site. 

With a local heritage unique in Europe where the traditions of the Grand Duchy embrace a daring design, it becomes a showcase of a country in perpetual growth, offering a range of services. From local shops to a complete hospital unit, including its university district and cultural spaces, Esch-Sur-Alzette adapts to every moment of life. In short, it accompanies every inhabitant throughout his or her life.

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