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You own a Real Estate property and want to know its exact value?


Your Luxembourgish agency Unicorn takes over the professional valuation of your property. Our experts based in front of the Grand Duke's palace and in Esch-sur-Alzette will put every effort to offer the best service to carry out your Real Estate project.

Selling your apartment, house, prestigious property or family heritage is a important step for a property owner. A house, an apartment, a prestigious property, an office, a commercial space, an investment property or even a parking space? Unicorn takes over the professional valuation of your property in Luxembourg.

For each new valuation, our experts take the time required to understand your motivations in order to create a genuine relationship based on trust and comprehension. Because every patrimony is unique, it is seriously considered. Our collaborators will make sure to visit the property, to do a precise measurement of the area distinguishing the gross from the living surface, to note each specificity, pours and cons, susceptible to have an impact on the price per square meter.

Therefore, area, quality construction, comfort, location, overall nature, surroundings, rarity, each detail has its importance for our agency having 125 years of experience cumulated.

Every property is unique, and so is yours. At Unicorn Real Estate in Luxembourg, attention to detail and precision are key. Would you like a customized estimate of your property? Quickly access the estimate of your property via this button.


A correct valuation is the basis of a good sale!


L’art de vivre réinventé à Esch-Sur-Alzette


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